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Wood dust, whether on the floor or in the air, is the bane of working with wood. Some species of wood are outright toxic, and the long-term effects on the lungs from breathing any form of dust are bad. Bill Pentz has an excellentre web site on dust hazards and how to defend against dust, which I recommend highly. Years ago, I purchased and installed a cyclone-type dust collector based on Bill Pentz's research, made by Clear Vue Cyclones. Thoe photo below shows how I mounted it on the ceiling, using wiring conduit, all-thread, and chemistry-lab style rubber stoppers. The allthread rods are also rubber-shielded using medical-type rubber tubing.

Even with the double rubber isolation against conducted sound through the building structure, the sound emitted by the surface of the cyclone chamber and tubes, the motor, and rushing air through the tubes make a lot of noise. However, with 6-inch ducts, it is effective in pulling a lot of air.

The problem is how to fit out the various dust-producing tools with hoods or other devices that can make use of this much air flow. This is not a problem with sawing, jointing, and thickness planing, since the Minimax CU300 Classic is designed for such large ducting. However, it is a problem with other tools, including: